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WHY FREE online membership!

Over the past year we've been undergoing a transformation as we've re-versioned how we could expand our offerings to better service our community

We've carefully examined the currently trends in how our audience (those looking for the products, services, and information that YOU offer as a holistic or natural health practitioner, product or service provider or as a conscious entrepreneur.

As of 2012, the Body Soul & Spirit: Expo, Magazine and Online community will be introducing online membership to it's online community as a FREE added Value options for all Exhibitors and Advertisers

Times change, and if we don't change with it, we all can end up a bit off track! 

Well that's what I found over the past year as we've found ourselves distracted from our purpose by the proliferation of media, focusing on lack and hardship.  As it was so cleverly put by a colleague in a recent discussion, the media has, for many, become a "Weapon of Mass Distractions"

The obvious solution, as far as I can see it is simple!  Shake of the mass hypnotic by GETTING BACK to our MISSION! 

Our intent has always been to gather together our community of difference makers...  from those who offer better solutions to health and well-being through the products and services they offer, to the many authors, experts teachers sharing new ways of living and being in the new earth that is awakening around us. 

As I see it, our purpose is simply to facilitate space and opportunity for our community to share what they offer!  Out of this focus, we have also introduced a new motto: For the Community, by the community! 

In 2012, our focus is to get back to the basics, by supporting the many individuals, companies business that we work (our clients), share what they offer to a public that eagerly is seeking.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you, and invite you to join us.  Together, I am confident that we truly can co-create something wonderful.

 Chandler Armstrong
Tuesday January 3, 2012



(updating online)

If you are an exhibitor at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo or a current advertiser in the Body Soul & Spirit Magazine you will SOON be able to sign up for a membership for FREE!  Simply go to the membership sign up page and select the membership the apply to you!


Exhibitor Membership (FREE)
(Select "Exhibitor Membership" as Member Type)

You exhibitor membership now includes...

  • An enhanced exhibitor listing with your logo, up to 200 words description and email, web link and contact information!

  • A listing in the online directory under your selected category

  • The ability to post your classes, events, workshops to our online event calendar.  (also emailed in our "News for Body Soul & Spirit" monthly newsletter to 112,000 subscribers!

  • Post Articles for consideration in the Body Soul & Spirit Magazine (Full Gloss Publication with over 50,000 readers).$80.00 Value)

Advertiser Membership (FREE)
(Select "Advertiser Membership" as Member Type)

All the same benefits as above with the exception of the "enhanced exhibitor listing.($80.00 Value).

Exhibitor & Advertiser Membership

(Select either of above and we'll upgrade you)

All the same benefits including " "enhanced exhibitor listing" and a Member Web Page that will act as your own micro website!  Will feature all your events, articles and information in ONE place with tools to edit and update your information. ($149.00 Value)


Free Membership (Online)
(Select "FREE Membership" as Member Type)
This is a basic membership that allows you to log in a comment on articles and participate in online actives, but does NOT include a listing. 


Directory Membership (Online listing)

(Select "Directory Membership" as Member Type)
Includes an enhanced listing in our directory, as well as tools to post your workshops, classes or courses, articles and much more . Cost: $80.00


Professional Membership (Online listing)

(Select "Professional Membership" as Member Type)
This is our full feature membership which also includes your own "micro" site.  You can edit your own page (which usually registers very high on Google and other search engines).  This page organizes and places content on your page based on all the articles, events and other content you post in ONE PLACE.  Cost: $80.00


Some restrictions apply, please consult your representative for full details!

Important Notes: 
1)  Your membership needs to be approved by a real person before it is activated.  In order to assure that you listing is accepted, please assure that you use the same company name and information when submitting.

2)  Our Programmer and Developer is currently updating our site!  We currently are experiencing some glitches when members use Internet Explorer to post and edit their listings and membership!  For best results please download and use Google Chrome until this is resolved!


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