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Community NewsCommunity News
Posted by on 14 September, 2016
Category: Community News

This article is the very first of its kind I've ever written, and I'm a bit hesitant in posting it, but with our Expo a month away, I feel that it's imperative that we act now if we are to create an incredible experience for all our exhibitors who have decided to join us in Ottawa this fall.

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Celebrating 20 Years - Where to next?
Posted by on 02 January, 2015
Category: Community News

It's our coming up to our 20th year of producing the Body Soul & Spirit Expo and we're celebrating! In March 1995 we started planning our first event in Vancouver Canada, and after producing more than 120 events and expos across Canada, it's time to look at moving our events to the next level. As we look forward to our 25th Anniversary in just a few years, we're also looking at where we plan to be once we reach a 1/4 of a century! We thought we would share with you how it all started as well as our vision for the future! We'll keep it brief in this update, but look for a more details video interviews and presentation coming soon!

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Venus Sun Eclipse: The Merging of Lights!
Posted by on 10 June, 2012
Category: Community News

On June 5-8, a once in a lifetime cosmic event, the Eclipse of the Sun by Venus will occur for the first time in a 130 years! This is among the rarest of astronomical events. In fact, between the years 2000 BC and 4000 AD (6000 years) there are only 81 such Venusians "transits,". They are so rare, that only five times have humans recorded the passage of Venus in front of the Sun (in 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882).

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New Home for Edmonton Expo -Northland Park, the NEW Edmonton Expo Centre
Posted by on 21 August, 2010
Category: Community News

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo has partnered with Northlands Park (who also brings you Capital X), to produce the first our our new format for our 2011 expos. With over 180 exhibit spaces offered at the BEST PRICES possible, with MORE promotional partners ... it will be the LARGEST EVENT the Body Soul & Spirit Expo has produced!

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What does Holistic Mean to You?
Posted by on 19 August, 2007
Category: Community News

We asked some of the people that are part of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo to introduce themselves and tell us what "holistic means to them?" on our facebook group here's what some of them said

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Posted by on 19 July, 2007
Category: Community News

Calgary is in for an amazing treat as Self-Connection Books presents Deva Premal and Miten in Concert on September 19th at the Knox Church.

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Expanding Possibilities for Fall 2007 Body Soul & Spirit Expos
Posted by on 21 May, 2007
Category: Community News

Learn what we are up to at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo for the Fall 2007 Events.

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Why should you exhibit at the Fall 2006 Body Soul & Spirit Expos
Posted by on 23 May, 2006
Category: Community News

Over the past 10 years the Body Soul & Spirit Expo has continued to offer a great opportunity gather as community and share with the public the many option available in creating a more holistic and conscious lifestyle. This year's spring shows have already surpassed all other years both in support from our many sponsors, and exhibitors (with all three shows reaching 1/3 full in just the first month of offer exhibitor & presentation space. This year promises to be one of the best show seasons to date. Here some more information about all the new promotion, projects and features planned for 2006!

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Reach up to 12,000 new potential clients with an ad in our Show Guide & Holistic
Posted by on 14 February, 2006
Category: Community News

Advertise in our Printed Show Guide & Directory and Reach an estimated 12,000' potential Customers this year! To Register download the rate sheet and ad forms from

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An Invitation to Join the Body Soul & Spirit Online Community
Posted by on 28 January, 2006
Category: Community News

Why should you be in our Online Community? The Body Soul & Spirit's new online community may well be your best option of sharing your products and services, and reaching new contacts, clients and customers in the holistic community.

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A New Paradigm for Holistic Events Emerges!
Posted by on 26 June, 2005
Category: Community News

A New Concept in Building Community at Our Events and Online A new paradigm in the creation of holistic events has been emerging over the past few years! This new paradigm is radically different than the old concept of “holistic expos”, “wellness shows”, or “fairs” and offers an opportunity to bring community together in a dynamic new way. By focusing on creating new levels of interactivity and involvement by facilitating “community”, a new type of event can be created with far-reaching benefits for all who participate. This article looks at the old paradigm, what is necessary to shift this model and how you can benefit by becoming part of the new paradigm!

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