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True Hope: ... Booth: 100

The discovery of Truehope's renowned multivitamin formulation began in early 1994. Anthony Stephan’s wife, Debora, followed in her father’s footsteps and succumbed to suicide after her 10 year battle with bipolar disorder. Now the sole provider for their 10 children, 2 of which, Joseph and Autumn, had inherited their mothers disorder, Anthony soon discovered that the psychiatric medications that had failed his wife were now also failing his children. Anthony knew there had to be another way.

Seeing his children progress down an all too familiar path with only one possible outcome, Anthony turned to God, begging for an answer. After months of frequent mediation, an answer came in November of 1995. He learned that vitamins and minerals had been used to resolve similar disorders in the agricultural industry. Feeling inspired, he immediately put it to the test on his son Joseph, but results were poor. He persisted and on January 18th of 1996, he succeeded with a specific combination of vitamins and minerals in a particular balance which produced almost immediate results. Anthony’s prayers had been answered and Joseph and Autumn were finally well. Now 18 years later, they both enjoy happy, fulfilling lives and have beautiful families of their own.

Since the initial discovery, the original combination of vitamins and minerals has been extensively refined and is now known as the Truehope formulation. This product has gone on to assist tens of thousands of people to achieve mental well-being. It has since become one of the most broadly studied natural products for mental health and is backed by 24 medical journal publications attesting to its outstanding efficacy.

Company: True Hope

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ELEMENTS : Mala Beads Gemstone & Oil Diffuser Jewelry Booth: 104
Mala Beads Gemstone & Oil Diffuser Jewelry

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Contact: Michelle Brink

Prayers You Wear Henna Design: Henna Tattoos Booth: 111
Henna Tattoos

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Contact: Renu Lal
Company: Prayers You Wear Henna Design
Phone: 916-717-0211

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Litios Canada Inc.: Litios Light Crystals Booth: 118, 119
Litios Light Crystals

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Contact: Peter Schnell
Company: Litios Canada Inc.

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Lorna Gemstone Jewlery : Handmade Jewellery Booth: 121
Handmade Jewellery

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Contact: Lorna O'Grady
Company: Lorna Gemstone Jewlery
Phone: 604-817-4410

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DoTerra Essential Oils : Essential Oils Booth: 122
Essential Oils

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Contact: Anna Gillmeister
Company: DoTerra Essential Oils

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Memorial Society Of BC : End of Life Planning Booth: 123
End of Life Planning

Our Purpose

To promote dignity, simplicity, grace, and affordability in funeral ceremonies and to arrange, in advance of death, for its members and their families such lawful disposition of their remains as they desire.

Who we are

Created in 1956, the Memorial Society of BC is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization, registered and operating under the Society Act of British Columbia. It operates under the direction of a volunteer board of directors.

As a member of MSBC, you can plan your farewell with the confidence that you have the largest consumer group in B.C. protecting your interests when it’s time to make funeral arrangements. Membership gives you both peace of mind and the assurance that your final wishes will be fulfilled. Importantly, membership helps reduce stress for your family at their time of need. Our staff are on your side.

Contact: Stephen Garrett
Company: Memorial Society Of BC

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Life Purpose Prints : Certified Advanced Hand Analysis Booth: 128
Certified Advanced Hand Analysis

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Contact: Laura Gibson
Company: Life Purpose Prints

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Cellular Consciousness Healing: ... Booth: 129

Discover what is beneath the surface of your emotional and/or physical issues by tapping into Cellular Consciousness (information) held within your Cells.

Traumatic events, unexpressed emotions and limiting beliefs from this lifetime or others can get “frozen” in your body and unable to move through your energy meridians and get released in a healthy way.

Della works with the energy, and, is able to release it along with the physiological processes that are held tight. This allows transformation both physically and emotionally in a gentle, drug free, non-invasive way without having to re-experience the events on an intellectual level.

Physically, there is release chronic of pain and tightness. Emotionally, there is clarity gained allowing you to move forward in life.

Contact: Della Reside
Company: Cellular Consciousness Healing

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Hubbard Dianetics Foundation: Church Of Scientology Booth: 130
Church Of Scientology

We will be offering Free Stress Tests with an Electropsychometer and show how the procedure contained in Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health can holistically reduce this stress permanently. We will be offering for sale Dianetic books and dvd's and How to Kits.

And just for the Expo we will be offering specials on all our materials

Contact: Anita Dutton
Company: Hubbard Dianetics Foundation

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Pruvit: Ketogenic Lifestyle Products Booth: 131
Ketogenic Lifestyle Products

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Contact: Aisha Vadell
Company: Pruvit

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VoxxLife : ... Booth: 134

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Contact: Vicky Colonna - Swan
Company: VoxxLife

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Avicenna Holistic Centre: ... Booth: 138

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Contact: Sara Namazi
Company: Avicenna Holistic Centre

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Shen Yun Show: Reviving 5000 Year of Civilization of Society Booth: 146
Reviving 5000 Year of Civilization of Society

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Contact: Jan Shi
Company: Shen Yun Show

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