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Fall 2018 Tour
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The Body Soul & Spirit Expo is the most successful exhibition of its kind. Devoted to the pursuit of more fulfilling lifestyles, it brings together the best of health and wellbeing, fitness, organics, complementary medicine, holistic therapies, spirituality and personal growth.

Held in several cities across the country since 1989, the Body Soul & Spirit Expo is Canada's longest running and most respected holistic wellness, new thought, conscious living event. It attracts predominantly women from middle to upper household incomes between the ages of 20 and 45, who are genuinely interested in wellbeing products and services.


After extensive consultations, market research and planning, we’ve put together the BEST PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN in our events history!  Based on the latest trends in what has been proven to get the audience YOU want to reach out to our event.
With All the promotion in place... including over 200 Television Commercials, LIVE COVERAGE
from the Top Radio Stations inviting the public in each city to come down and visit you at the events, HUGH advertisement each cities major papers, Bill Boards on Major Traffic Routes, a month of Sky Train, LRT Transit Stations + Platforms that will reach over 300,000 riders a day - we are expecting this year’s fall shows to be amount our most exciting and well attended events yet.


Our attendance number range from 4000 to 9000 in larger cities, and 3000 - 6000 in smaller cities based on audited entry sales NOT TURNSTILES which usually count everyone 2 to 3 times, and often used as a door count by events as their inflated numbers sound impressive! 

Our experience has taught us that attendance numbers are relative, however, it's one of the questions potential exhibitors ask most often! 

Once they have exhibited, they often comment on how "
Connecting with Right People" is what really was important!  In addition the time spent at the show makes a huge difference! 

Our visitors often stay for most of the day and return on more than one of the days.  This often make our events seem much busier than other events (e.g. 6000 people that stay an average of 1 hour is that same as 1000 people that stay for 6 hours)

Bottom line? We offer our exhibitors a highly targeted and responsive audience for their products and services!   People that come to our show are looking for what you offer.... and are likely be come some of your best clients and customers!     read more >>>


To summarize, virtually anyone with a business, product, service, school, or organization that is focused on providing options for living a happier, healthier, more conscious and successful life

Here are just a few of the categories...


·   Alternative (Green) Energy Products

·   Alternative Therapies

·   Alternative Therapy  Equipment,

·   Aromatherapy Products

·   Aura Imaging

·   Authors (Self Help, Spiritual. Health)

·   Chakra Balancing

·   Chinese Medicine

·   Chiropractic Clinics

·   Complimentary Medicine

·   Cosmetics & Skincare

·   Crystals & Semi Precious Stones

·   Environmentally Friendly Products

·   Exercise & Fitness Equipment

·   Feng Shui

·   Fitness Centers

·   Green Products

·   Healing Arts Practitioners

·   Healing Arts & Holistic Schools

·   Herbal Products

·   Holistic Practitioners & Services

·   Hypnosis Clinics

·   Healthy Foods & Beverages

·   Organic Foods and Products

·   Psychics, Astrologers, Numerology

·   Massage Practitioners & Clinics

·   Meditation Classes, Programs

·   Medical Intuitives

·   Mediums

·   Motivational Speakers

·   Naturopathic Clinics

·   New Age Books

·   New Thought Churches

·   Nutritional Products

·   Personal Development Programs

·   Safe Household Cleaning Products,

·   Spas & Wellness Centers

·   Spiritual Organization

·   Spiritual Retreats & Resorts

·   Success Consultants & Coaching

  • Superfoods, Raw and Live Foods

·   Wellness Clinics & Centers

·   Yoga Studios, Products, Training


Discover why the Body Soul & Spirit Expo is considered by many to be the #1 opportunity for networking and promoting your holistic business, product or service, contact us today!


Phone: 1-877-560-6830




Exhibitor Registration

Register Online:



Register By Phone: Call our office at 1-877-560-6830 ext. 1 and speak with a representative or leave a detailed voice message.  We are open Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm PST.


Note: Looking for updates on future dates?  sign up for an email notification click here (Select  Exhibitor Updates for the city(s) that you would like to be notified about.)



WE want to pay YOU!
Join Our Affiliate (referral) program and
earn $50 to $200 for every NEW client or customer you successfully refer.  Look for our referral membership launch soon (summer 2018 or Sooner).


Coming Soon:

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo is now licensing outside organizers to produce expos. 


Our objective is to provide qualified individuals with all the tools and support to succeed in reproducing the Body Soul & Spirit in their community, as well as to assure the quality of our events. 


Those join us as licensed producers will be provided a complete ecommerce solution, webpage on our site, assistance in production and promotion, management tools and training to help assure their success!


 If you would like to bring the Body Soul & Spirit Expo to your city, please contact us.


Licensed Shows
(Available Markets)

Kelowna (TBA)
Grande Prairie

Seattle (TBA)
(License forms coming soon!)





The Body Soul & Spirit Expo features a highly motivated and professional audience of individuals, organizations, businesses and community leaders interested in cultivating a happier, healthier and more conscious lifestyle.


Over the years the event has demonstrated a strong showing of serious potential clients, customers and business professionals that are willing to invest in the various products, services and programs offered at the event. This has resulted in a great opportunity for exhibitors looking build their practice and generate leads for their businesses.



Results from  front door surveys!

· 76% of those who attend the show are Women between the ages of 25-54

· 26% work in the spa, health, wellness, fitness industry - own a clinic, wellness center, spa wholesale or other related business.

· 32% of those who attend state that the Body Soul & Spirit Expo is the only public / consumer show that they attend.

· 12% have a household income of under $60,000

· 30% have a household income of $60,000+

· 32% have a household income of $80,000+

· 22% have a household income of $100,000+

· 72% have visited a spa, wellness center, or healing arts practitioner in the last year.

· 48% have attended a fitness, yoga or exercise facility in the past year.

· 32% See a Massage Therapist or Chiropractor

· 68% use natural supplements, herbal products, and spa products.

· 35% have attended a personal growth or self-improvement workshop or course in the past year.

· 35% prefer organic foods, personal care products.

· 35% prefer non-toxic cleaning products, and solutions.




We see you as a client, and our mission as to work with and support YOUR success and growth at our event as well as throughout the year!   


If you are passionate about what you offer, we have the means in which to help you reach those looking for what you offer - not only through exhibiting with us, but through increasing your exposure and helping you share your message though our Magazine Online Directory, Social Network and much more.


We know that the most effective marketing involved effectively reaching and building relationships with your prospective audience...  and would love to put together a campaign that works with your marketing goals... it's what WE are passionate about!  Let's get started today!  Call one of our representatives to learn more.

Phone: 1-877-560-6830


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